Monday, November 25, 2013

The not so natural born teacher

I love languages for as long as i can remember.
I hv always been fascinated with it. My secret lifelong wish is to be fluent in many languages although i hv only managed to master two one of which is my 1st language which doesn't really count i think cos i am born with it. ....and the second is the one i am writting this blog entry with....and that is that.
(So much for a language enthusiast you would say) 😦
I guess i haven't got around to do it.....or the opportunity or the money...yeah yeah everything comes back down to that $$$ (deny it all you want) 

So anyway, i hv always been imagining myself growing up to be a foreign language translator or lecturer. Never hv i imagined myself ending up being a primary school English teacher. Hah!

Now now....don't go planning to chop my head off. I am not saying it's a bad thing...jeezzzz (relax....don't fall into judgement too quickly) 😋

I ❤️ the idea of helping other people in mastering English...."

The sad thing is......i am no way near a very talented OR dedicated teacher.... Although believe it or not i wanted to become one.

I just do not have the patience...i guess it is because i learned the language on my own really..... Back in primary school or even secondary i think i did not learn much until i went to university.....what keeps me going is my love for i guess i wish that all my pupils have that same ability....

It frustrates me all the time....cos you know i have all these knowledge that just couldn't wait to be passed on to but if those pupils do not get it..i am crushed....disappointed and very very angry.. 😖

I just do not understand why they do not get them......and i always forgot that they are kids....

What is more upsetting is that these kids do not want to learn the language they do not see the importance of it....i mean come on kids look around you........!!! You can't talk about future njob opportunities with the ability to speak english..primary school kids can't quite grasp that notion...they hold on to the here and now...

Remember back in those Nsync, bsb, britney days?
We were all so into them that we memorized all the songs watched all the interviews and stuff (well, maybe only me) but somehow those are the things that make us want to learn english and yes successful indeed...

These days....these kids do not hv that phase which is so sad....they all miss out one interesting part of growing up.... 😴

Anyway, i do hope i could be like one of those teachers of the year hahaha and change the life of those kids.... (Keep on dreaming..🙇🙇

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