Tuesday, December 3, 2013



i am in no way trying to annoy or talk down about anybody in particular this is just my general opinion from my general observation....if you for whatever reasons find this post insulting? stop reading this and forget you have ever come across this amateur blog of mine....agreed????

okay..here it goes.....

you know how i am embracing my Different Abiliti'y-ness ?? however, I do not think that as an excuse for you to just give up on life and hope that others will look after you for the rest of your life.

that is not the reason to slack off in study or work or life in general. it is true though that with your disabilities whatever that is...you need to put more effort in the things that you do compared to other normal people...but the effort put in will not go to waste right....???

it just saddened me to see that some of my visually impaired friends think that they just take whatever comes their way be it a street musician or a professor or whatever. the point is some of them think that because they lack some ability they do not have the capability to excel in life...get good grades and even greater jobs and beat all those normal people.

it is true though that some employers view us as a burden or people who do not have the credibility or benefit to their companies, even some school administrator think that as well (yepp....believe it people's minds no matter how highly educated they are can be very shallow)....and would not hire people like us....but well, do not just give up right?? where one door closes thousand others will open....eventually...just have patience

do not give your life away just because you think you cannot do it.... everybody has their own strong point. some just have to dig deeper than others to find theirs.

i know i am in no place to criticize this because i had things come easy for me...study and work all take me in a good place...but i know for a fact that hard work and strong motivation paid off...

however, i am still proud of some of them who do excel tremendously even way better than I do....

they are the epitome of how hard work defeats all odds and misconceptions of us who have disabilities.

and to the 'so-called normal people' out there who are always judging and underestimating people like us....please just stop and give us a chance. i mean if you are so condescending and judgmental toward us then you are not that normal now are you?? because it just shows you don't have a heart.... and how sad that is...???

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